Since 2001, OptiMarket founders TuckerMays and BobSloane have provided their unique, 2 on 1 coaching program tailored to the special needs of executives over the age of 50 who face the toughest challenges in the job market.

Our book, Fired at 50 advises how to make your age an asset…

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Our Clients

Tucker and Bob work exclusively with CEO, COO, CFO and VP level leaders earning $200,000 and above, across a broad range of sectors including consumer products, B2B products and services, manufacturing, media/communications, and health care.


Six Step Program

A comprehensive program including in-depth career assessment, creation of a concise job objective, development of an in-depth search plan, customized search tools, advanced networking and interview skills training, offer/contract negotiation and executive onboarding coaching.


Our Unique Approach

Highly concentrated, 2 on 1 coaching provides over 200 hours of personalized counseling for the duration of a typical executive job search. This enables OptiMarket clients to find their next jobs several months faster than the national average.